Acoustic Removal

Beginning in the 1950’s, a popcorn texture known as acoustic became very popular in American homes.  This ceiling texture remained in the majority of homes leading into the early 1990’s.  Today, the popcorn look is outdated and can even decrease the value of your home. 

The removal process is a quick and painless procedure.  Some houses may even be finished in a single day.  The process begins by applying plastic to furniture, walls and a double layer to the floor as a protective barrier.  Upon completing these steps, the removal phase begins. 

The first step begins by lightly spraying the acoustic with water which softens the material.  Water also helps to eliminate dust that may have been created during the removal phase. 

In the next step, one of our qualified journeymen will coat the ceiling smooth to prepare for texture. 

Now your ceilings are ready for an updated and more attractive look.  The most common and practical texture for your ceiling would be to match the existing texture in your home, although we can also give you the texture of your choice. 

The process is now complete!