Drywall Finishing

September 26, 2008 by Brian 

The finishing process is where our customers truly see the difference between Barbero Drywall and other drywall companies.  We believe that a professional project is seen in the details of our final puttying, sanding and preparation prior to texturing. 

We start by sanding down the walls to completely remove any bumps or excess lumping. Then we wipe down the walls to remove any of the sand left from sanding.  This then brings us down to a base and a clear white area. (Except for wood areas of the walls.)

We then putty any holes in the walls, using a scraper to fill them in. Sometimes this takes a few coats, so we keep repeating the process until the holes are completely filled.

We then sandpaper the walls once again and wash them down to remove any excess dust.

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